BalmLabs creates groundbreaking skincare solutions for stressed and *adult* acne-prone skin.

The ClearBalm System

3 steps. 3 minutes. Radiant skin.

Our clarifying 3-Step System focuses on rebalancing adult skin — effectively battling breakouts AND fine lines. It's the only three you need.

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The Balmlabs difference

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1 for you, 1 for a frontline teacher

Purchase a ClearBalm 3-step system and we will gift one to a deserving teacher heading back to the classroom. To sweeten the deal, enter code BYEMASKNE at checkout to save $35 on your order.

Limited time offer. Expires September 20, 2020.

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From Refinery29's Deputy Beauty Director:

ClearBalm makes a point of being gentle, not by skimping on actives but by finding new ones altogether.”

Ask Balmlabs’ chief dermatologist

Why am I breaking out like a teenager?

“As an adult, chronic stress and hormone fluctuations can cause dramatic changes to your skin. We’ve removed potentially irritating ingredients that can be found in traditional acne products and created a more gentle skincare alternative.” — Dr. Robin Schaffran

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What’s In, What’s Out




No Parabens


No Artificial Dyes

From Vogue’s Beauty Director:

“Clearbalm uses oil-reducing and anti-inflammatory CBD, exfoliating natural AHAs, and pore reducing niacinamide to specifically target the skin of women in their 30s and 40s, which often can’t tolerate the drying agents in many other acne systems designed for teenagers.”

ClearBalm's SuperStar 6

Our groundbreaking formulas said NO to traditional drying ingredients and a big YES to gentle, innovative plant-based actives that work.

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