From Self-conscious to Confident: Menderia’s Story

From Self-conscious to Confident: Menderia’s Story

Skin type:

“Everything. A combination. It's very sensitive. Anything can trigger my skin. It's oily, then it's dry, and it's prone to acne most of the time.”

Skin story:

For the last two years, “my skin just didn’t take to anything. I literally had to start doing homemade face masks and stuff like that because I started getting cysts. The last two years for me have been trying everything to get good skin.”

What it felt like:

“I was so self-conscious and so insecure about my skin. I literally wouldn't go anywhere without makeup. I would avoid going places. I was like, ‘no, do you see this big old pimple on my face?’ I wondered if people were looking at my acne when they're talking to me. It brought out a lot of insecurities that I'm still working on.”

Menderia before and after photos Day 1 to Day 30

Menderia Day 1–30/Provided

The hardest part:

“Trying to heal, trying to fix it, and the money. I wouldn't give myself time, really. I’d give [a product] two weeks to work, but when I didn’t see a change, I’d switch. I was spending so much money on products—I ordered this big kit of organic natural stuff, and it didn’t do anything for me. My challenge has been finding something that I can be consistent with that would actually help my skin rather than spending money and then just not seeing any change.”

What she looks for in products:

“I look for a lot of natural, non-harsh ingredients, things that are more hydrating, that are very light. Like the [BalmLabs] foam wash. I don't like scents. My skin is sensitive to the point that if a product has too much scent in it, then I'm going to break out, so I look for unscented products.”

Why ClearBalm:

“I needed to find something because I had started getting these big cysts. One of my closest friends has really, really good skin. I was always like, ‘Girl, your skin. I need to find something, or I want to go to my doctor and get prescribed medication and see if something's going on.’ She was like, ‘Well, maybe you can try what I'm using.’ Then she told me about BalmLabs.”

“I've been telling all my friends about it, like if one product is worth spending your money on, it's the system that I have.”

Initial thoughts:

“I was actually really excited. I was putting all my faith in this product. I felt like, okay, I've gone through so much with my skin; maybe this is going to stop me from being self-conscious.”

After 30 days:

“Worth it. Totally worth it. I went 30 days, no breakouts. So it works. I love it. I've been telling all my friends about it, like if one product is worth spending your money on, it's the system that I have.”

Favourite product:

“The serum hydrator. This is my favorite because, especially in the winter, my skin always looks really dry. I'm literally saving the last bit. I'm using every bit that I can get out of this bottle because it's that good.”

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What has changed for her:

“Confidence. I would say my biggest thing is feeling less—actually, no—self-consciousness, and just feeling more and more confident within my skin.… I feel like I was hiding behind a mask, you know? I had to always put makeup on wherever I was going. I don't have to hide behind that mask anymore.”


From Self Conscious to Confident: Menderia's Story