‘It’s Improved My Mental Health. I’m So Much More Relaxed’-BalmLabs

‘It’s Improved My Mental Health. I’m So Much More Relaxed’


Skin type: “Definitely acne-prone. And my T-zone is a bit oily.”

Skin story: “I’ve had acne since my early 20s. I had a few pimples as a teenager but after high school, when I went to college, that’s when it got harder. When I was younger it was concentrated around my forehead, but now it’s my cheeks and my chin. I feel like the hormonal acne centres around my chin and jaw and some of it is cystic — it’s so big and painful.

What she looks for in products: “Ingredients. I used to look for salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to help with my acne but found them to be harsh.” 

What she’s tried: “I’ve been to a dermatologist and she prescribed a medication but it made me nauseous. I decided I’d rather have the acne than go through that. Now, I try to find people who have similar experiences and see what worked for them.”

Past frustrations: “Using spot treatments — it would make that one spot so dry, or make my face so red, it looked like a tomato.”

Why ClearBalm: “Honestly, it feels like a miracle product. It’s really helped cut down on the amount of cystic acne I get before my period. And none of the products are causing any irritation or redness, like I’ve had in the past, which is amazing.”

“It feels like a miracle product. None of the products are causing any irritation or redness, like I’ve had in the past.”

The big takeaway: “Before, I’d see pimples on my face and start crying because it’d be so stressful. But now I see how my skin has changed and it’s improved my mental health. I’m just so much more relaxed in general.”


Laura, ClearBalm User.


Skin type: “Combination, I’d say. Now it’s more oily than dry. It’s been a challenge.”

Skin story: “I didn’t really have acne in my younger years. Then after college I started getting breakouts. My skin was super dry and I wasn’t properly caring for it at all. From that point on, my skin has never been clear. I’ve always had at least one blemish — one big, one little, one coming up — and I get hormonal acne too. I get most of my pimples on my cheeks, which is where they scar the worst. Honestly, it’s been a nightmare until now.”

What she looks for in products: “I don’t really do deep dives into products, but I look out for some ingredients. I know that salicylic acid doesn’t work for me, and neither do a lot of the main ingredients typically called out for clearing up skin. I tend to look for more natural ingredients now.” 

At four weeks, I could honestly say that I liked my complexion. I’ve never said that in my life.”

Past frustrations: “Some products would get my skin under control for a bit, and then I’d break out again and get frustrated and stop — I kept getting stuck in this cycle of being bad at taking care of my skin, and always trying new products.”

What she’s tried:  “A lot — I tend to ask people I know what they are using and try that. Money always plays a role though, in terms of finding a product I can afford.”

Why ClearBalm: “When I heard about it, I thought, ‘ Three steps? Ok I can do three steps.’ By two weeks, the tone and texture of my skin was like butter. All I wanted to do was touch it. At four weeks, I could honestly say that I liked my complexion. I’ve never said that in my life. Never ever. I’ve moved from L.A. to Pittsburgh in the time that I’ve been using ClearBalm. Right now, it’s snowing outside — and my skin isn’t dry. It’s glowing. It’s so cool.”

The big takeaway: “I’ve worked in the fashion industry my whole life and having skin issues did affect my confidence. When you dislike your skin so much and you constantly cover it — to feel good about going out with a fresh face, that’s huge.”