It's Our Second Birthday!

It's Our Second Birthday!

We just turned two! And we owe it all to YOU!

Looking back on our two years since launch, we absolutely could not have made it this far without the warm, unending support from you, our BALM community. From the beginning, you have rallied behind us, believing not only in us, but also in the difference ClearBalm makes in your skin and your confidence. Launching just before a pandemic was no picnic (come to think of it, it resembled more of a food fight...) but we’ve learned invaluable lessons along the way.

From our customer reviews to our everyday conversations with our community, we know our products truly are creating a lasting impact. And if that doesn’t speak enough for itself, our stats certainly say it all — our repeat purchase rate is twice the average in our industry, and we have customers who have purchased over 19 times since our inception. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

While we love our glowing reviews and numbers, our number one priority is, and always has been glowing faces. Nothing excites us more than seeing you happy and confident in your skin.

To celebrate our 2nd birthday, we asked our founder, Sarah some questions about her key learnings, wins, and motivators throughout her entrepreneurial journey.


What have you learned in your two years since founding BalmLabs?

That a successful business must always remain fluid, with its community playing as big a role in shaping its path as the founders' vision.


What are some of the major wins for your brand?

My goal with BALM was simple - help prevent people from going through the emotionally exhausting and painful acne journey that I had to go through. So the ultimate win for the BALM team is when someone who has struggled with breakouts for so long - feeling defeated after trying absolutely every possible remedy and treatment - tries ClearBalm and experiences clear, glowing skin - and the confidence that comes with it - for the first time in their life.  It makes my heart full.


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What challenges have you faced in this industry and what motivates you to keep going?

I keep my visitor badge from our meeting at Vogue with the incredible Celia Ellenberg, Beauty Director, perched on my desk. It serves as a constant reminder that whenever I’ve faced headwinds (hello, launching in a pandemic...) that the beacon of beauty and style - my beloved Vogue, whose pages I have poured over since I was a teen - saw something in what we were creating and why we were creating it, and has been a steadfast champion from the beginning. The visitor badge has faded in the sun and looking a little worse for wear, but I will never, ever let it go. It is a reminder to keep pushing.


Can you give us a sneak peek at any products coming down the line in the future?

I wish I could! What I can say is watch this space - 2022 is going to be a BIG year for BALM!


What’s your favorite way to kick up your feet after a long day?

A heavenly bubble bath while watching a classic episode of the Golden Girls. Perfection.