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Groundbreaking skincare for stressed & adult acne-prone skin.

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The Balmlabs difference

Dermatologist Formulated

Designed to improve the look and feel of adult acne-prone skin.

Clinically proven ingredients

Including natural AHAs, full spectrum hemp-derived CBD and bixa orellana.

Designed for sensitive skin

Highly effective without harsh ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Results in under 4 weeks

10 out of 10 survey participants reported reduced blemishes and breakouts.

3 steps. 3 minutes. Radiant skin.

No salicylic acid, no benzoyl peroxide — nothing that'll dry out or irritate sensitive or acne-prone skin.

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As Featured in Refinery29

"ClearBalm makes a point of being gentle, not by skimping on actives but by finding new ones altogether."

Ask Balmlabs' chief dermatologist

What is stressed skin?

"Chronic stress and hormone fluctuations can cause dramatic changes to your skin. We’ve created a more gently, highly effective skincare alternative to calm and rebalance stressed skin." — Dr. Robin Schaffran

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No Parabens


No Artificial Dyes


6 superstar actives

Natural AHAs, full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, bixa orellana and the rest of ClearBalm’s plant-based star ingredients.

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