Teenage skin is plump, resilient, and sebum-rich.

But too much sebum can clog pores.

Clogged pores = big, angry breakouts.

Improve Angry Breakouts in 30 days

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Traditional acne products strip excess oil using harsh actives like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid.

Resilient teen skin can tolerate harsh actives and effectively clear breakouts.

Adult skin has a more fragile barrier, is more sensitive and dehydrated.

So in adult skin, harsh actives can actually exacerbate breakouts.

Disrupting your skin barrier and further drying out already dehydrated skin can create an over-production of sebum, causing more acne.

It’s a vicious cycle.
Blast adult acne,
cause more adult acne.

Using powerful plant-based actives like bixa and CBD, ClearBalm’s 3-step system can stop breakouts before they start.


By rebalancing sebum production,

accelerating cell turnover (i.e., clearing pores!)

and calming inflammation.

And ClearBalm strengthens the skin barrier, reducing future breakouts.

Clearer adult skin starts with a solution made for adult skin.

Clearer adult skin starts with ClearBalm.