What People Are Saying

“The results I’m seeing in my skin are incredible 🙌 my acne has completely cleared up, my pores are minimized, my fine lines are no longer visible and my complexion is glowing ✨ ”


“I was experiencing hormonal acne on my chin. It was deep and cystic. These products have really calmed it down. And it’s really gentle on my super sensitive skin.”


Dr. Tiffany J. Libby, Board Certified Dermatologist, Brown Dermatology

“The serum hydrator is my favorite. A lightweight and nourishing option… Also felt the AHA cleanser was wonderful, gentle enough for sensitive or drier skin types.”

ClearBalm Skin Stories

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What Beauty Bloggers Are Saying

“It’s my go-to recommendation for anyone who asks. In fact, I believe it’s the best acne treatment and best skincare for acne-prone skin.”

“My skin LOVES this line by BalmLabs.”

“After a month on this system I definitely see a difference - my overall skintone is way more even and I haven’t had a real breakout…”

Ask our Chief Dermatologist

Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic, Board-Certified Dermatologist, New York City

“This is a solid, easy to use gentle system if you are struggling with mild to moderate acne… Balm takes the guesswork out of choosing a regimen while formulating with a few creative active ingredients.”